100 Days of Diapers: Now accepting diaper donations!


Via Flickr user Morydd


Aardvark Automotive is helping Cal Farley’s new initiative, 100 Days of Diapers, by accepting diaper donations at our shop.

Running from March 11 through June 24, 100 Days of Diapers aspires to get one person per day to donate a package of diapers to a family in need.

Sizes 3, 4, and 5 are most needed. As a price estimate, a 144-count pack of Size 3 diapers is $20 at Walmart and will last approximately two weeks.

Diapers are very important supplies for those affected by poverty since most places that hand them out for free only dispense ten or so at once. But, as anyone who has children knows, 10 diapers is only enough to get you through one day.

Diapers are an urgent necessity for many families, so we encourage you to help out!


Donation Information

There are 3 ways you can donate diapers:

  1. Drop them off at our shop.

Aardvark Automotive


(806) 242-1073


5825 Canyon Dr.

Amarillo, TX79110

  1. Drop them off at Cal Farley.


(800) 687-3722 or (806) 372-2341 


600 W. 11th 

Amarillo, TX 79101

  1. Call event organizer Elia Moreno at (806) 322-2530 and she will arrange for someone to pick the diapers up.