Buy raffle tickets for this Saturday’s Kids Racing for Charity event at the Bulls game, benefiting Wheels to Prosper!


Our Wheels to Prosper program is one of the biggest highlights of the year for everyone at Aardvark Automotive. Summer will be here before you know it so we are kicking into full gear in preparation for our July 27th Wheels to Prosper giveaway.

For each Wheels to Prosper giveaway we fully inspect and repair a vehicle, then donate it to a chosen family in need.

This Saturday, March 16, we will be holding a Kids Racing for Charity raffle at the Amarillo Bulls’ last home game in order to raise enough money to service a giveaway vehicle. The race and the raffle will take place at some point during the intermissions (note: the winner does not have to be present to win).

The game itself starts at 7 PM at the Civic Center.

Just think: Wee little kids in wee little cars, grinding their way past one another on the road to victory. We doubt you can do anything more adorable this Saturday.

Buy a raffle ticket (or 12!) and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Kindle Fire 7” HD or a 7-piece flank drive plus combination wrench set 3/8-3/4”. We will be selecting two winners whether our sponsored car – a mini Mercedes-Benz – wins or not.

100% of the proceeds will go towards Wheels to Prosper.

The prize

There will be two drawings, with one of the following prizes given out at each drawing:

A Kindle Fire 7” HD

A 7-piece flank drive plus combination wrench set 3/8-3/4”

Raffle ticket pricing

1 ticket = $1

6 tickets = $5

12 tickets = $10

Where to get your raffle tickets

All Aardvark Automotive employees are selling raffle tickets this week at the shop. On Saturday night we will be selling tickets at the Amarillo Bulls hockey game starting at 6 PM, at both the Wheels to Prosper booth and at the entrances. Just look for anyone wearing red shirts with the Wheels to Prosper logo on the back.

To purchase tickets to go to the game, visit Panhandle Tickets or call (806) 242-1122. You can also buy tickets at the Civic Center on Saturday night.


100 Days of Diapers: Now accepting diaper donations!


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Aardvark Automotive is helping Cal Farley’s new initiative, 100 Days of Diapers, by accepting diaper donations at our shop.

Running from March 11 through June 24, 100 Days of Diapers aspires to get one person per day to donate a package of diapers to a family in need.

Sizes 3, 4, and 5 are most needed. As a price estimate, a 144-count pack of Size 3 diapers is $20 at Walmart and will last approximately two weeks.

Diapers are very important supplies for those affected by poverty since most places that hand them out for free only dispense ten or so at once. But, as anyone who has children knows, 10 diapers is only enough to get you through one day.

Diapers are an urgent necessity for many families, so we encourage you to help out!


Donation Information

There are 3 ways you can donate diapers:

  1. Drop them off at our shop.

Aardvark Automotive


(806) 242-1073


5825 Canyon Dr.

Amarillo, TX79110

  1. Drop them off at Cal Farley.


(800) 687-3722 or (806) 372-2341 


600 W. 11th 

Amarillo, TX 79101

  1. Call event organizer Elia Moreno at (806) 322-2530 and she will arrange for someone to pick the diapers up.

Come meet us at Cal Farley’s community development events Feb. 25 & 28!

Most of us stuck in the rat race take advantage of the little things. Between commuting to and from work, grinding through the work day, shuffling our kids around, making dinner, and perhaps going out to see a movie, we forget that some people come home to little at all.

Poverty is a multifaceted problem, stemming from various causes such as domestic abuse, immigration, and being a member of the working class.

At Aardvark Automotive, our community is not simply a location for our shop – it is the heart and soul of who we are and why we still exist today. Our goal is to consistently give back to a community that has given us so much in the past 33 years.

We try to help others out whenever possible, whether it’s providing food or a refurbished car for a deserving individual.

We have worked with Cal Farley, one of America’s largest privately funded child and family service providers, for 2 years and support its mission of providing care and opportunity to those in need.

As such, we’d love to invite you to two upcoming classes hosted by Cal Farley. No Excuses No Limits Amarillo aims to encourage young adults to go to college so they have better opportunities in life and in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Let’s Talk Neighborhood Food Pantries allows you to meet and to listen to the stories of those affected by poverty. The environment is completely non-judgmental and the class is offered to help people understand what they can do to help others. Whether you help collect necessary food items or donate a washer and dryer because you got a new set, you will be improving your neighbors’ lives in more ways than you know.

So drop by at either event (or both!) and say hi! Just make sure to RSVP beforehand. Event details are below.

For more information on Cal Farley, visit their website here.

Directors of Volunteers in Agencies


No Limits No Excuses Amarillo

by Lori Bigham

Monday, February 25th, 2012


Cal Farley’s Training Room on 11th and Monroe

Please email or call Elia at 322.2530 to RSVP space is limited

  $10 Per Person

No Limits No Excuses Amarillo initiative aims to dramatically increase the number of young adults in Amarillo who complete their postsecondary education, setting them up for success in the workplace and in life.


 Cal Farley’s Community Engagement


Coffee at Cal Farley’s

 Let’s talk Neighborhood Food Pantries

 Thursday, February 28th, 2012


Cal Farley’s Conference Room on 11th and Monroe

Please email or call Elia at 322.2530 to RSVP space is limited