Our day at the Annual Amarillo Autism in Action Awareness Walk

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 4th Annual Amarillo Autism in Action Awareness Walk at Sam Houston Park two Saturdays ago, on April 12! Our amazing service writer, Brandon Anderson, helped set up and man our table along with his wife, Renee, and adorable daughter, Maddie. Brandon’s son, Sean, has autism, so this walk was of great personal importance to all of us at Aardvark Automotive (check out the cute Aardvark Automotive poster hanging from our table, with Sean’s picture).

Every year, Amarillo Area Autism in Action puts on the Awareness Walk to raise money for autism education, detection, and treatment. The walk also raises awareness of the disorder while encouraging participants to have a great time!

There was a huge turnout for the event and we passed out goody bags, bubble containers, and water to everyone who passed by. The weather held up great and George Jones, one of our technicians, stopped by with his daughter, Kadee, to say hi.

Check out the slideshow of the event below.

Remember, April is National Autism Awareness Month! To learn more about autism and local events around your area, visit the Autism Society.

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