The Amarillo Bulls presented us with a $1,000 check for Wheels to Prosper!

The Amarillo Bulls presenting the check to Lynda Archer

The Amarillo Bulls presenting the check to Lynda Archer

We have some exciting news y’all!

Austin Sutter, Timmy Moore, Carter Penzien, and Cody Gylling from the Amarillo Bulls Hockey Team presented us yesterday with a $1000 check for Wheels to Prosper. This money will go towards the repairs of a car to be given away July 26 at noon at Aardvark Automotive. The car will go to a family that has fallen on hard times and simply needs a hand up.  The car will help the family go to work, school, doctor appointments, or maybe just to the grocery store so they can feed their families. More than just a car, a vehicle will once again will  let family members be productive citizens.

(For more info on how to enter yourself or a deserving friend for Wheels to Prosper, click here.)

The Bulls players were given ten $10 raffle tickets each to sell to raise money for a charity.  The proceeds were divided between two charities: Wheels to Prosper and Panhandle Safe Haven. We are beyond grateful that we were chosen as one of the recipients!


Thank you, Bulls!!

Robert and Lynda Archer

Aardvark Automotive


Where to find Aardvark Automotive these next few months…

Wheels to Prosper 2013

The McCay family, one of the winners of Wheels to Prosper 2013

When we’re not working hard getting your car up and running smoothly we’re out in the Amarillo community, doing whatever we can to help our fellow neighbors thrive. Giving back to the community is one of our utmost priorities.

This spring and early summer we will be participating in several wonderful events around town. If you would like to come to any of them and have questions, feel free to contact us at (806) 242-1073 or

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! May you have a blessed Easter and spring!

April 12 – 4th Annual Autism in Action Awareness Walk & Healthfair

When: April 12; 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Where: Sam Houston Park (4101 Line Ave., Amarillo TX)

We are supporting the 4th Annual Autism in Action Awareness Walk by having a booth on April 12 at Sam Houston Park.  Bring the kiddos out and let them enjoy the activities, food, and community vendors.  Fun for all! Register online or at the event at 9:00 AM.

May 15 – Business Connection

When: May 15; 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Where: Amarillo Civic Center (401 S. Buchanan St., Amarillo, TX)

May not only brings May flowers but also the Business Connection at the Civic Center on May 15, where we will also have a booth.  This is the perfect time to find out just what wonderful businesses Amarillo has to offer you.

July 26 – Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway!

When: Noon; July 26, 2014

Where: Aardvark Automotive (5825 Canyon Dr., Amarillo, TX)

We are now taking applications for our 4th annual Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway Program, in which a repaired car is given to a deserving family not as a handout but as a hand UP.  The winner of the Wheels to Prosper car will be announced here at the shop at noon on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Do you know someone who has fallen on hard times and could benefit from a used, repaired car? Nominate this individual by filling out an application (you can get one on our website) and writing a short essay on his or her story.

Help us help Teen Christmas!

Teen Christmas provides a $50 Walmart gift card for clothing and shoes.

Teen Christmas provides a $50 Walmart gift card for clothing and shoes.

Oftentimes during the holidays, teenagers get overlooked. Many organizations hold gift drives, but these drives are typically aimed at younger kids. As a result, very little attention is put on older kids and what they need for Christmas.

For our shop’s Thanksgiving special, we offer you a choice: get $15 off a repair or service, or donate that $15 to Teen Christmas, a charity that provides clothing to teenagers in need.

Please visit our website for our special – you can help brighten up Christmas morning for our Amarillo teens!

And if you would like more information about Teen Christmas or wish to donate, please visit the Amarillo Teen Christmas website. You can also read the Teen Christmas mission below by DJ Stubben, owner of Welcome Pardner!, a marketing company based in Amarillo. DJ Stubben created Teen Christmas in 2006, inspired by her own experiences growing up in a household where her mother passed away in her teen years and she felt what it was like to be overlooked at Christmas.

You can see for yourself how Teen Christmas has given hope to the teenagers of Amarillo on Teen Christmas’ Media page. 

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Robert & Lynda

Here is DJ’s Teen Christmas mission:

Teen Christmas

This Christmas you can make a difference in a teenager’s life by joining us in sponsoring a teen for our 8th annual Teen Christmas.  Right now in Amarillo there are hundreds of teenagers in need. Thankfully, this Christmas, YOU can make a difference.  There are many great organizations helping those in need and I encourage you to continue to support them. However, many of these programs have a gap for children between the ages of 13-18–our teenagers.  This is where Teen Christmas steps in.

Teen Christmas was established in 2006 to provide clothing and/or shoes for our needy teenagers during the Christmas Season. Last year we were able to provide clothing and shoes from Walmart for over 400 teenagers. Unfortunately, this only accounted for about half of those in need.

This year we are hoping to increase sponsorship so we can help all of the teenagers. Your sponsorship will help us achieve this goal!

A $50 donation will sponsor a teenager and enable him or her to purchase needed clothing and/or shoes this Christmas. 100% of your donation will go to the teenager in form of a Teen Christmas gift certificate. Each teenager who qualifies will receive this gift certificate and redeem it at the Walmart located on the corner of Coulter & 45th, We invite you join us during this time to see how your generous donation has touched the life of an Amarillo teenager.

Please help us make a difference in a teenager’s life by being a needed sponsor this Christmas Season.

You may send your donations payable to:

Teen Christmas/Generation Next Worship Center

c/o Welcome Pardner!

PO Box 30926

Amarillo TX 79120

If you have any questions or need more details, please contact DJ Stubben at 356-1555, Ext. 5.

We have plenty of teens to serve, and we need to raise the funds to give them a great holiday.

Thank you for your sponsorship and have a Merry Christmas!


Highlights from our Wheels to Prosper giveaway this past weekend!

Every Wheels to Prosper giveaway is special to us, but this year in particular was twice as nice. Instead of just giving away one car, we were fortunate enough to give away two! This year’s giveaway took place at Aardvark Automotive on Saturday, July 27th, 2013. Without further ado, the winners of our 2013 Wheels to Prosper giveaway are…

Mr. & Mrs. Lennie McCay and Katrina Penny.

Mr. & Mrs. Lennie McCay were nominated by Jennifer Butler.  In the nomination letter, Jennifer wrote, “The McCays have 5 daughters and 3 are still at home. Mr. McCay is an associate pastor and his wife is a stay-at-home mom. They are continually focused on helping others’ needs. They currently have a Toyota Corolla that was recently rear ended.  All they have left to drive is a very small pickup with a serious oil leak. It is my understanding that this pickup will go to college with one of the daughters. This family is not so quick to accept any kind of handouts, but they desperately need this car. The car would be well taken care of if given to this loving family. Thank you for your consideration.” The McCays were the recipient of the ’95 Chevy Suburban. They were very surprised and happy to have a vehicle to drive.


Katrina Penny was the recipient of the ’04 Dodge Intrepid. Katrina is a 52-year-old grandmother raising her four grandchildren.  Katrina has rheumatoid arthritis and has been legally disabled since 2004. Eight months after she was diagnosed she gained custody of her grandchildren, three handsome boys and one beautiful girl. At the giveaway she told us, “this car will change our lives. Thank you.”

All of us here at Aardvark Automotive felt amazing being able to help these deserving families thrive with a car that will get them through their daily lives.

We had about 35 people attend the giveaway to show their support, and even got a visit from the Amarillo Bulls mascot, Rampage, who brought along the Bulls’ huge Robertson Cup National Champions trophy. The Bulls also brought the mini Wheels to Prosper Mercedes-Benz we sponsor, which races around the concourse during Bulls games. It was a cute sight indeed watching all the little ones hop into the car!

Please enjoy a recap of the giveaway in the gallery below.

Note: We are always looking for cars for our next Wheels to Prosper giveaway! You can help the giveaway by donating a car you no longer need or want. Please contact us at the shop for more information.

Aardvark’s Wheels to Prosper Timeline


In anticipation of our upcoming July Wheels to Prosper giveaway, we wanted to share our great experiences with past giveaways. It all began in 2011…

Wheels to Prosper 2011

Wheels to Prosper 2011

Wheels to Prosper 2011: Larry and Jessica Pelt

Our first-ever Wheels to Prosper car giveaway led to a great turn of events for the Pelt family. In December 2011 we received applications from 34 families in the Texas Panhandle. Out of those 34, Larry and Jessica Pelt’s application stood out.

Larry was walking several miles every day to get to the bus that took him to work, and Jessica was walking her two oldest boys to school and back despite having a high-risk pregnancy. Jessica was expecting her baby at any moment.

On December 3rd we surprised the Pelts at the Wolfin House with a fixed-up 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. They were extremely happy and excited to have a car that would help them improve their lives.

We were glad to hear that Jessica soon got a job after having her baby.


Wheels to Prosper 2012

Wheels to Prosper 2012

Wheels to Prosper July 2012: Teresa Hernandez

During our second year of Wheels to Prosper we gave a hand up to Teresa Hernandez, a single mother of five children. Teresa had never owned a car before and was beyond thrilled about the 1996 Subaru we fixed up for her.

At the event, Teresa said, “this will get me to work, my children to school, and my family to the grocery store.” She added, “my sixteen-year-old is at the mall, he has an interview for a job at 2 PM. I plan to take several classes at Amarillo College and this will get us all there.”


Wheels to Prosper December 2012

Wheels to Prosper December 2012

Wheels to Prosper December 2012: Nikki McQueary

December always seems to be a time of miracles and selfless giving. While our car giveaway usually occurs in July, in December 2012 we received a touching letter from Sandy Beavers about a lady with very special circumstances. Single mom Nikki McQueary had given birth to her son, Jax, only a few months prior and was living in the country between two very small towns because it was all she could afford.

After Jax’s birth, Nikki started getting cancer treatments. But without a car, she was relying on friends to transport her to the clinic.

As fate would have it, around the same time that we received this letter a senior citizen had decided it was time for her to stop driving and donated her 1987 Oldsmobile. Hoping to give Nikki the car before Christmas, Robert inspected the vehicle to make sure it was in good condition.

On December 20th at 3:30 PM we presented the car to a very happy Nikki and Jax.


Wheels to Prosper 2013

Wheels to Prosper 2013

Wheels to Prosper July 2013: Who will it be?

This year’s Wheels to Prosper giveaway will happen on July 27th at noon right here at the shop (address below).

Who will this year’s Wheels to Prosper recipient be??? You can help by submitting nominations by JULY 10TH at MIDNIGHT.

Why should you submit a nomination? Because we all know someone who works hard and deserves a car to help him or her get around. You’ll feel stupendous knowing you gave a hand up to your fellow neighbor.



  1. Write a letter telling us why a particular individual deserves a car that has been serviced and is in good working condition. You may nominate yourself. Attach your letter to our Wheels to Prosper application (
  2. Send us your letter and application NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 10th!!! You can:

Email your letter and application to


Drop off your entry in person or mail it to our shop:

Aardvark Automotive
Attn: Wheels to Prosper
5825 Canyon Dr.
Amarillo, TX 79110

Find more information at the Aardvark Automotive website.

Last call! Come to Cal Farley’s Poverty Workshop this Saturday!

Cal Farley is a great organization intent on helping everyone in our community thrive.

If you plan on coming to Cal Farley’s Poverty Workshop this Saturday, please RSVP now! We need a head count for food, as Victory Church is generously donating lunch. Deadline to RSVP is tomorrow–Wednesday, May 15th.

Here are the details:

 Dr. Donna Beegle’s See Poverty Be the Difference presented by Elia Moreno


Victory Church

Saturday, May 18th 9:00 a.m.2:00 p.m. 

6300 Arden Road

Join us for this informative, inspirational, and motivational presentation. This workshop will include insights into working more effectively with families who live in the crisis of poverty. Dr. Beegle’s personal expCommunity Serviceeriences and research illuminate how to communicate and work across race, poverty, gender, and generational barriers. You will be exposed to fresh new ways to address poverty. This training will also provide a different filter for audience members to address poverty—a filter without blame or judgment that allows professionals to help people move out and stay out of the poverty war zone.

Please RSVP to Elia Moreno at (806) 316-2283 or at

Visit the Aardvark Automotive website for more information on how Aardvark helps out in the community.

Join Aardvark Automotive at Cal Farley’s See Poverty Be the Difference training event!

We will be attending this poverty training event and invite everyone to come along for this eye-opening educational experience.

The full event details are below. Learn more about Cal Farley on their website and feel free to contact Aardvark Automotive with any additional questions.

Cal Farley’s Community Engagement

is hosting:

 See Poverty Be the Difference

Presented by Elia Moreno 


Tuesday, April 30th

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Cal Farley’s Conference Room

600 W. 11th 

Join us for this informative, inspirational, and motivational presentation. This workshop will include insights into working more effectively with families who live in the crisis of poverty. Dr. Beegle’s personal experiences and research provide insights into communicating and working more effectively across barriers involving race, poverty, gender, and generation. You will be exposed to fresh new ways to address poverty. This training will also provide a different filter for audience members to address poverty—a filter without blame or judgment that will allow you to assist people with moving out and staying out of the war zone of poverty.

We still have room so please RSVP to Cal Farley Engagement Manager Elia at or 806.322.2530.