Father’s Day Car Care Treat

Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21st this year. If your dad spends a lot of time behind the wheel, maybe servicing and sprucing up his vehicle is the perfect gift! You could treat him—and his car—to new seat covers or floor mats, or if part of his vehicle’s interior is old or damaged, such as the steering wheel or dash, you could have it repaired, replaced, or recovered. He may also love a GPS navigation system, remote starter, or satellite radio.


Our June Special

On the service side of things, you could arrange to cover the cost of oil changes and any other routine maintenance his vehicle needs. Maybe give him a fun coupon book, and he can redeem the coupons with you when he needs a maintenance service.

Or you could give the very simple, but very considerate—and always appreciated—gift of a clean car. When cleaning the car, approach the inside first and follow with the outside. Remove all trash, including what has accumulated in the trunk, vacuum the inside, and clean the windows.

People__Washing car

Get the whole family involved!

For  the outside, include the tires and wheels and the underside and fenders to eliminate any road salt or grime. Wheels and tires should be cleaned with a mitt other than the one used to wash the body. This step will avoid contaminating the vehicle’s paint with debris from the wheels and tires.

Wash the car in the shade and use a product sold specifically for cars. Wash one section at a time, thoroughly rinsing away the soap as you go. Clean the fenders and bumpers last since they will have the most dirt and grime that can contaminate the wash mitt.

Give the car a final rinse by letting water cascade down the surfaces of the vehicle. To avoid water spots, use a chamois or other product made for drying to dry the car. If you have time, you may also want to wax the car according to the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Waxing should always be done out of direct sunlight and every six months.

Once you’re done, a new air freshener and trash container are the perfect finishing touches!

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