Wheels to Prosper Winners Announced!!!

Aardvark Auto Gave Away Two Cars on Saturday!

We’re excited to announce our winners from Saturday’s Wheels to Prosper to Giveaway! This is the second year we were able to give away two cars.

Meet Karolyn Foss, Winner of the ’04 Ford Focus

Wheels to Prosper Winner Karolyn Foss

Wheels to Prosper Winner Karolyn Foss and her son, Billy, with Lynda

Karolyn Foss is a hardworking mom, juggling a job and caring for her 6-year-old son, Billy, and 17-year-old daughter, Meghan. Without a car of her own, she has been sharing a vehicle with her parents. Her dad works nights, so she was taking him to work and going back at 3 am to pick him up. In the morning, she would drive herself to work. Meghan also has a job and has been catching a ride with her co-worker. Meghan graduated from high school early, so she could start college and get a job to help her mother.

The Ford Focus will truly make a difference in Karolyn, Billy, Meghan, and her parents’ lives!

Meet Dustin Ammons, Winner of the ’04 Ford Escape

Wheels to Prosper Winner Dustin Ammons

Lynda with Dustin behind the wheel of his new Ford Escape

Dustin Ammons is an 18-year-old senior at Bushland High School. He has been on his own since he was 15, and works two jobs on top of going to school. He actually started school last year as a sophomore, and has taken classes online and studied hard to maintain an “A/B” average. Without a car, he was riding his bicycle to work and taking the bus to school each day. Many times, he would close at Taco Bell, get home at 3 a.m., and wake up in time to get to the bus stop for school. In fact, he never missed a day.

Dustin loves cars and wants to know what makes them work. Needless to say, his goal is to attend automotive school and then work in a shop.

Thanks to All Who Contributed!

We’d like to thank Pro News 7 for donating the ’04 Ford Escape, the Amarillo Bulls for donating $1000 toward repairs, O’Reilly’s on 3rd for donating some parts, LKQ for donating freight on parts ordered, BG Products for donating some flush materials, and Just Fabulous Mobile Wash for detailing both vehicles!

Aardvark Automotive Thank You Sign

Thank You for Your Help!

Congrats to Two Very Hardworking & Deserving People!

From Lynda, Robert & Everyone at Aardvark Automotive

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