Aardvark’s Wheels to Prosper Timeline


In anticipation of our upcoming July Wheels to Prosper giveaway, we wanted to share our great experiences with past giveaways. It all began in 2011…

Wheels to Prosper 2011

Wheels to Prosper 2011

Wheels to Prosper 2011: Larry and Jessica Pelt

Our first-ever Wheels to Prosper car giveaway led to a great turn of events for the Pelt family. In December 2011 we received applications from 34 families in the Texas Panhandle. Out of those 34, Larry and Jessica Pelt’s application stood out.

Larry was walking several miles every day to get to the bus that took him to work, and Jessica was walking her two oldest boys to school and back despite having a high-risk pregnancy. Jessica was expecting her baby at any moment.

On December 3rd we surprised the Pelts at the Wolfin House with a fixed-up 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. They were extremely happy and excited to have a car that would help them improve their lives.

We were glad to hear that Jessica soon got a job after having her baby.


Wheels to Prosper 2012

Wheels to Prosper 2012

Wheels to Prosper July 2012: Teresa Hernandez

During our second year of Wheels to Prosper we gave a hand up to Teresa Hernandez, a single mother of five children. Teresa had never owned a car before and was beyond thrilled about the 1996 Subaru we fixed up for her.

At the event, Teresa said, “this will get me to work, my children to school, and my family to the grocery store.” She added, “my sixteen-year-old is at the mall, he has an interview for a job at 2 PM. I plan to take several classes at Amarillo College and this will get us all there.”


Wheels to Prosper December 2012

Wheels to Prosper December 2012

Wheels to Prosper December 2012: Nikki McQueary

December always seems to be a time of miracles and selfless giving. While our car giveaway usually occurs in July, in December 2012 we received a touching letter from Sandy Beavers about a lady with very special circumstances. Single mom Nikki McQueary had given birth to her son, Jax, only a few months prior and was living in the country between two very small towns because it was all she could afford.

After Jax’s birth, Nikki started getting cancer treatments. But without a car, she was relying on friends to transport her to the clinic.

As fate would have it, around the same time that we received this letter a senior citizen had decided it was time for her to stop driving and donated her 1987 Oldsmobile. Hoping to give Nikki the car before Christmas, Robert inspected the vehicle to make sure it was in good condition.

On December 20th at 3:30 PM we presented the car to a very happy Nikki and Jax.


Wheels to Prosper 2013

Wheels to Prosper 2013

Wheels to Prosper July 2013: Who will it be?

This year’s Wheels to Prosper giveaway will happen on July 27th at noon right here at the shop (address below).

Who will this year’s Wheels to Prosper recipient be??? You can help by submitting nominations by JULY 10TH at MIDNIGHT.

Why should you submit a nomination? Because we all know someone who works hard and deserves a car to help him or her get around. You’ll feel stupendous knowing you gave a hand up to your fellow neighbor.



  1. Write a letter telling us why a particular individual deserves a car that has been serviced and is in good working condition. You may nominate yourself. Attach your letter to our Wheels to Prosper application (http://aardvarkautorepair.com/pdf/Wheels-to-Prosper-Application.pdf).
  2. Send us your letter and application NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 10th!!! You can:

Email your letter and application to aardvarkautorepair@gmail.com


Drop off your entry in person or mail it to our shop:

Aardvark Automotive
Attn: Wheels to Prosper
5825 Canyon Dr.
Amarillo, TX 79110

Find more information at the Aardvark Automotive website.

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