Aardvark Automotive honored as the Non-Profit of the Month by Welcome Pardner!

On Friday, March 22, Welcome Pardner!, a direct mail marketing association in Amarillo, honored Robert and Lynda Archer of Aardvark Automotive with a Non-Profit Business of the Month plaque for their outstanding work with Wheels to Prosper.

The recognition took place during the Welcome Pardner! breakfast at La Fiesta on 45th. Robert and Lynda were nominated by Mary Kay Kuhrts, the development director of Martha’s Home, a refuge for homeless women and children.

At the breakfast, DJ Stubben, owner of Welcome Pardner!, presented the Archers with a chrome wheel clock, a plaque, Welcome Pardner! t-shirts, foot lotion, and some bubble solution, instructing them to do something fun. DJ also gave the Archers a cake with the Wheels to Prosper logo plastered on top! To add to the festivities, Martha’s Home likewise bestowed the Archers with a plaque thanking them for helping in the community.

Lynda and Robert’s immense community involvement caught Mary’s eye when they gave two ladies staying at Martha’s Home a means of transportation. Aardvark donated a fully inspected, fully repaired vehicle to Amanda, a single mother who had previously been homeless on the streets. And when Lyndsey, a single mother who had finished the program at Martha’s Home, ran into car problems, Aardvark stepped in and fixed her car for her.

Both women thanked the Archers at length for their vehicles in the March issue of Martha’s Home Newsletter.

Check out pictures from this event in the gallery below.

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